Request for Proposals

Our Request for Proposals for our 2024 Convention and Trade Show in San Francisco, CA is now open!

We are looking for enriching and enlightening session proposals that will help attendees achieve new levels of excellence in serving and support public lands across America. 

Educational sessions address the following thematic areas:

Health and Healing on Public Lands 

Our public lands can elevate the health and wellness of our communities. They are spaces for recreation but also for reflection, inspiration and healing. We want to facilitate discussions and highlight examples of how organizations and partners in the public land community are providing opportunities and awareness for public health and wellness in their programs and operations.

Inclusive Story Telling

Our public lands are among our greatest gifts and serve as a powerful symbol of our ideals, these lands belonging to all Americans, from all backgrounds, genders, cultures, religious viewpoints and walks of life. The upcoming generation is the most diverse generation in US history, and to continue stewardship of our public lands they need to feel connected and represented within them. They need to hear the stories.

Community-Led Stewardship

Public lands stewardship embodies the responsible and thoughtful management of some of our most precious natural, cultural, and historic resources for the benefit of future generations. Communities connected to these lands have a role to play in navigating the delicate balance between human needs and ecological integrity, as well as advocating for biodiversity, cultural heritage, and ecological sustainability. Community involvement in decision-making processes ensures that the outcomes reflect the needs, values, and aspirations of the people directly affected by public lands management.

Adapting and Thriving in Uncertain Climates

In addition to the definition of climate involving weather conditions, the dictionary outlines the meaning as “the prevailing trend of public opinion or of another aspect of public life.” The public lands partnership community is resilient, constantly adapting to changes, and we want to showcase those examples to help others learn how to thrive during challenging times.


The program covers topics including, but not limited to:

  • Retail

  • Communications & Marketing

  • Product & Program Development

  • Program Evaluation & Research

  • Financial Management

  • Nonprofit Management & Operations

  • Fundraising & Membership

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Board Governance / Development

  • Advocacy

  • Partnerships