Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Public Lands Alliance (PLA) is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for all PLA 2024 participants. By registering and participating in this event, you agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

Respect and Inclusivity: Treat all attendees, speakers, organizers, and staff with kindness, respect, and consideration, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, or other protected characteristics. Discussion of opposing or different viewpoints is appropriate but is expected to be conducted in a respectful tone and manner that avoids personal attacks.

Harassment-Free Zone:  Harassment, intimidation, discrimination, and verbal, physical, or sexual abuse are unacceptable. Conduct that is harmful or offensive, damages the reputation of others, or undercuts public respect and support for PLA will not be tolerated. Hate speech, discrimination, or offensive language targeting any individual or group will not be tolerated.

Consent and Boundaries: Always ask for consent before taking photos, recording, or engaging in physical contact with others. Respect personal boundaries and individual comfort levels.

Emergency Situations: In the event of an emergency, contact local authorities immediately and then notify a PLA staff member. Familiarize yourself with the venue's emergency exits and procedures.

Reporting Incidents: If you witness or experience a violation of this Code of Conduct, please report it to a PLA staff member or a PLA Registration Desk representative at 301-946-9475 ext. 3.

Consequences for Violations: Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in a warning, expulsion from PLA 2024, the convention without warning or refund, or involvement of local law enforcement, depending on the severity of the infraction. PLA also reserves the right to prohibit participation in any future PLA event.

Please note PLA reserves the right to modify or revise this policy at any time with or without notice.