5K Challenge


Walk for the Wild 5k Challenge

Walk with us to thrive. Walk to make sure wildlife thrives.

Walk for the Wild is an effort to demonstrate our commitment to deepening human connections with nature and to protect the thriving ecosystems we depend on.

Join us to raise awareness and support of National Wildlife Refuges & their partners while we strive to get people moving a distance of 5K in nature in conjunction with National Wildlife Refuge Week, October 8 - 15, 2022. More information on participating as a walker will be available soon!

Why is the National Wildlife Refuge System Important?

National wildlife refuges are uniquely established for the conservation of native species dependent on their lands and water. Unlike any other public lands, wildlife refuges’ priority is to ensure that wildlife thrives.

National wildlife refuges offer outstanding recreation, too. Refuge Week is a perfect time to see why tens of millions of Americans visit refuges each year to enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking and wildlife watching.

Wildlife refuges also add to Americans’ comfort and safety by curbing flood risk and wildfire damage, providing cleaner air and water, and supporting local communities.

How to Participate

By participating in the Walk for the Wild 5k Challenge, you commit to supporting an unparalleled network of public lands that are home to thousands of iconic wildlife species and opportunities for people to thrive in nature.

On our registration page, you can choose walk for a local wildlife refuge or support the entire National Wildlife Refuge System by joining Team America's Wildlife Refuges.

Photo credit: Barbara Hayton/USFWS