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Becoming a Supported Brand

We are eager to have leadership in the field and nonprofit partners join us for this joint effort between the Public Lands Alliance (PLA) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as we launch a multi-year rebranding and activation campaign to invite new generations of Americans to fall in love with national wildlife refuges and increase private support for the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS).

There are several ways to get involved and provide your thoughts, ideas, and advice on this campaign planning effort.

Participate in Update Meetings

Sign-up for our contact list to get updates and learn about upcoming opportunities to participate in the planning and activation of this campaign - including our next quarterly meeting in May 2023.

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NWRS Branding and Campaigns Update Meetings

2023 Timeline of NWRS Branding Implementation

To be notified about the next quarterly update meeting, please be sure to sign-up for the NWRS Campaign Contact List.

Campaign Task Forces

We have active Campaign Task Forces and working groups to advise on the tactics and opportunities to achieve the rebranding campaign goals, ensuring field stations' and their nonprofit organization's needs and ideas are heard by headquarters and to build a community where they can workshop and share best practices around topics including communications, events, fundraising, retail, accessibility and equity, as well as program development and implementation.

NWRS leadership aims to hear from everyone in the National Wildlife Refuge system network including Friends Groups (of all sizes), Refuge Staff (from a diversity of Refuges), and Nonprofit Partners of the USFWS to move forward with the most effective rebranding campaign.

Communications and Events Task Force 

Are you looking for a community to coordinate and share ideas about how to improve your station’s or organization’s marketing channels -website, social media, email newsletters, special events (on and off-site)? This task force will provide tips, tricks, and support while strategizing how to collectively expand our reach to new audiences through these channels.

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Branded Impact Program Development Task Force 

Do you have examples of programs that engage young adults and diverse audiences? Are you interested in learning how to better support new audiences through programming? Join this community of program developers and implementers to receive feedback and learn best practices around program implementation while advising on the impact programs we grow nationally to support the NWRS in serving young adult and diverse audiences to foster new NWRS stewards.

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Collaborative Philanthropy Task Force 

Are you actively, or interested in, increasing the fundraising capacity for your organization, field station, and the NRWS? In addition to exploring how the annual Walk for the Wild 5K eventcan support Friends groups in fostering donors for their Refuge sites, this task force offers an opportunity to join a network of fundraisers to get feedback on your current fundraising activities, identify fundraising training needs, and provide counsel on how best to run a national fundraising campaign that directly supports on-the-ground needs and increase the impacts of the NWRS.

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Merchandise Task Force 

Do you have ideasfor new merchandise that could be sold in Nature Stores? Are you interested in helping shape new products that will celebrate and benefit the entire Refuge System, as well as potentially highlight specific regions, wildlife, or conservation themes? In addition to advising PLA and Service leadership, this task force offers retail managers and Service liaisons a new network of colleagues from across the country to improve merchandising strategies at the national and refuge level.

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Task Force Timeline

March 28, 2022 – Task Force Interest Form Deadline

March 29 - April 1, 2022 – Facilitators Finalize Task Force Membership

April 4-8, 2022 – Announce Task Force Membership and Schedule Initial Meeting

Mid-April - August 2022 – Task Forces Meet 1-2 Times a Month

May 2023 - Task Forces Convene in Working Groups for Program Implementation Planning

Questions about Task Forces and Working Groups

If you have questions or want to learn about the ways to get involved in branding efforts and related campaigns, please contact: Aryn LaBrake at aryn@publiclandsalliance.org.

We're on a Mission

The National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS) and the Public Lands Alliance (PLA) are partnering to invite new generations of Americans and their diverse communities to thrive in the best places for wildlife conservation, recreation, and nearby nature: national wildlife refuges.

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