Government Relations

Government Relations

We are the National Voice for Nonprofit Public Lands Partners

The Public Lands Alliance advocates for better public-private partnerships, increased funding for public lands and better learning opportunities for America's visitors. We are nonpartisan in our education and advocacy and endeavor to share the significance of public lands and their constituents with leaders from every party and persuasion.

We Work With Our Members

Our members are nonprofit organizations who serve more than 600 public lands and contribute over $150 million annually to their preservation and visitor enrichment. We lend a vital voice to our members' initiatives and support their efforts to protect our nation's most important sites.

Our Priorities

Strengthening and Enhancing America’s Public Lands through Partnership

The Public Lands Alliance is committed to pursuing policies and legislative action that expand, strengthen and enhance the relationships between these special places and the nonprofit organizations dedicated to their protection and the enrichment of their visitors. We inform our members of actions necessary to effectively communicate these opportunities and needs to Congress and the Administration. Through these efforts, we identify and support champions for public lands partnerships among elected officials and policy makers.

Sustainable Funding for Public Lands

Nonprofit public lands partner organizations rely on the government to fund their core operations and to preserve the lands that have been entrusted to their care. We support legislative measures that drive greater government funding to public lands—especially mechanisms that support enjoyment, services and accessibility for lands visitors.

Expanding Learning Opportunities

Nonprofit partners offer unparalleled opportunities to educate Americans of every generation about our natural world, cultural landscapes and historic places through the experience of their public lands. The Public Lands Alliance encourages funding and policies that empower education and learning on our public lands.

Government Relations Strategy

Download a copy of our government relations strategy to learn about our advocacy initiatives.