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Stand Up for Public Lands

Conservation starts with community. Many of our nation’s parks, refuges, forests, and conservation areas are protected and preserved by nonprofit partner organizations, which are led by passionate local volunteers.

Working to provide vital visitor services, these nonprofits are uniquely positioned to urge elected officials and policy makers to support the needs of these treasured landscapes and historic sites – but they need the tools and training necessary to make their voices heard.

PLA established the Our Voices, Our Lands Fund to enhance our capacity to strengthen these nonprofit partner organizations and their tireless leaders. Contributions to the Our Voices, Our Lands Fund will:

"It's empowering to know we're being represented so well at a national level." - PLA Member

Provide nonprofit leaders with training in community engagement, fundraising, and governance to become strong advocates for their public lands.

Catalyze national initiatives to support the preservation and enjoyment of public lands through our nonprofit partner organizations.

Bring these leaders to Washington, DC to add their voices and expertise to debates on how to best protect our public lands for many generations to come.

Your support makes this possible.

Support Our Voices, Our Lands

Learn more about PLA's advocacy work in this video: