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We are the national voice for the nonprofit partners of America’s public lands.

PLA members are nonprofit organizations that have a formal partnership with a land management agency to support parks, forests, refuges, conservation areas and other public lands sites. They serve 600+ public lands and contribute more than $250 million annually to their preservation and enrichment.

By working with our members, we aim to strengthen policies and legislation that enhance public lands partnerships in order to protect America’s natural and cultural heritage.

We are nonpartisan in our education and advocacy and we endeavor to share the significance and value of public lands with leaders from every political stripe.

Read our "Partnership Priorities for America's Public Lands."

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PLA is able to stand up for public lands in part thanks to the Our Voices, Our Lands Fund.

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Our Priorities

PLA advocates for government actions that recognize and leverage the resources, expertise and skills of nonprofit partner organizations. PLA works with land management agencies to streamline effective partnership agreements, policies and procedures that promote the development and longterm success of their partnerships with nonprofit organizations. PLA also encourages opportunities to authorize nonprofit partners to leverage and expand upon public funding to enhance the visitor experience.

Public lands belong to the American people. PLA believes the government must responsibly fund the land management agencies that steward them for the benefit of future generations. PLA advocates for funds that address the backlog of infrastructure, as well as funds to manage and maintain future infrastructure needs. PLA also engages its nonprofit members to lead efforts that preserve public lands and help them adapt to the effects of climate change.

Public lands should be accessible to the public, regardless of circumstance. PLA supports policies that enable maximum responsible access by visitors to areas designated for authorized public uses, and that engage nonprofit partners as connectors to local communities and visitors.

PLA supports efforts and programs to celebrate each new generation’s natural interest in the outdoors, as well to introduce them to their role in the stewardship of public lands. In support of this, PLA backs legislation and programs that bring youth outdoors for educational opportunities, employment, and volunteerism.

News and Updates

The Public Lands Alliance (PLA) releases the following statement from President and CEO Dan Puskar: "The Great American Outdoors Act will do more to ensure the preservation, vibrancy, and accessibility ...
SILVER SPRING – The Public Lands Alliance (PLA) releases the following statement from President and CEO Dan Puskar: "The Public Lands Alliance supports the Great American Outdoors Act for its commitment ...

PLA President and CEO Dan Puskar testifies on deferred maintenance needs and potential solutions before the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources.

Advocacy Toolkit

PLA Members have access to resources designed by PLA and subject matter experts. The toolkit includes webinars, templates and guidance that enhance nonprofit abilities to advocate for public lands.

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