Black Hills Parks & Forests Association Teams Up to Rebuild

By Katie Cavanaugh-Smith posted 04-12-2024 05:01 PM


We're excited to feature Black Hills Parks & Forests Association (BHPFA), a key player in conservation efforts and an advocate for the beauty and utility of public lands. Their latest collaboration with Wilderness Volunteers is a testament to their commitment to preserving and enhancing our nation’s forests and grasslands.

Project Spotlight: Rebuilding the Pollinator Garden in the Bessey District

In an exciting new initiative, the BHPFA has partnered with Wilderness Volunteers to focus on a special project within the Bessey District of the Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands. This collaboration centers around the restoration of a crucial pollinator garden that was recently destroyed by wildfire. This garden is not only a cherished part of the local ecosystem but also serves as a vital habitat for pollinators which support the health of the entire area.

About the Bessey District

The Bessey Ranger District is uniquely located 270 miles northwest of Omaha and 350 miles northeast of Denver. It spans about 90,000 acres, making up approximately 63% of the Nebraska National Forest and Grassland area. Nestled next to the Nebraska Sandhills, one of the largest and most pristine prairies in the United States, the district boasts a rich diversity of wildlife and is home to the largest hand-planted forest in the Western Hemisphere.

The Importance of the Project

The week-long project undertaken by BHPFA and Wilderness Volunteers will focus on rebuilding the destroyed pollinator garden. This restoration is not merely about planting flowers but is a critical effort to rejuvenate an ecosystem that greatly benefits the surrounding community and wildlife. Pollinators play a significant role in the health of our ecosystems, aiding in the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, which serve as food and shelter for various species.

Collaboration and Community Impact

The partnership between BHPFA and Wilderness Volunteers is a shining example of how collaboration among conservation-focused organizations can lead to significant environmental benefits. This project not only helps restore a vital part of the ecosystem but also brings together community members and volunteers who share a commitment to environmental stewardship.

As Wilderness Volunteers continue to seek new project locations and partnerships, other Public Lands Alliance (PLA) members are encouraged to consider how they might work together to enhance our nation's public lands. The success of such partnerships is vital for ongoing conservation efforts and for the protection and enhancement of our natural resources.

Get Involved

Wilderness Volunteers is always looking for new project locations and partnerships with other nonprofits. Other PLA-associated organizations might be interested in working with them! Here is a link to a form: