The Perfect Virtual Ask Series: Virtual Cultivation

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The Perfect Virtual Ask Series

This virtual fundraising workshop effectively adapts the tried and true strategies of the major gift fundraising cycle for a virtual setting. Through three distinct sessions led by Robert Bull, fundraising expert and president of The Compass Group, participants will explore successful means of cultivation and solicitation that transcend current travel, event, and additional limitations for donor interaction. The workshop sessions focus on the processes within the fundraising cycle, leaving participants – whether new volunteers or seasoned development professionals – with a greater confidence in navigating the current landscape and effectively engaging their own donor and prospect pools in this moment to benefit organizations far into the future.

Session 1 | Virtual Cultivation

As the world moves into an extended phase of the pandemic and nonprofits move into a new fiscal year, successfully operating on a virtual platform is critical. With the need for new and increased philanthropic gifts arising, organizations must excel at virtual platforms to engage, introduce, and cultivate current and prospective donors. Join Robert Bull, fundraising expert and president of The Compass Group, to learn more about the implementation of cultivation tools and engagement techniques for this moment in time and in the organizations’ fundraising cycle.

Presenter: Robert Bull, President, Compass Group