Small and Mighty, July 2018

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This quarterly online round table includes a facilitated discussion regarding topics or current challenges that small nonprofits face. Topics in this July edition include employee policies, engaging boards in advocacy and unique partnerships with organizations and businesses.

Participants in this Small and Mighty webchat discussed and shared resources and ideas on the following topics and questions:

  • HR: How/where to get started with employee policies and compliance (5:10)

  • Advocacy: How and when to get involved (13:15)

  • Partnerships: Unique ways nonprofits are partnering with organizations or businesses to help further their mission (20:24)

  • Publications: How to create/find publications featuring smaller public land sites (28:52)

  • Fundraising: What programs work best for small orgs and how do you “compete” with bigger nonprofits (36:02)

  • Volunteers: How do you deal with need to have constant flow of volunteers that need training and then move on (45:35)