Inventory Power Hour

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To assist retail outlets as seasons come to a close, we will reprise and build on a session offered during our 2016 convention, with topics that may include but are not limited to:

  • The pros and cons of inventory spot checks,
  • How many physical inventories to take,
  • Best purchasing practices,
  • Retail markups;
  • The art of negotiation; and more.

This webinar is perfect for Retail and Warehouse Managers, Executive Directors.


Cathy Donovan Wagner, RetailMavens

Soon after graduating from the University of Notre Dame, Cathy Donovan Wagner took a left turn from her original career plans and opened her first retail outlet--a children’s clothing and toy store. It realized a profit in its first year. Now, after 30 years in the retail business, Cathy has turned once again to share her knowledge and personal philosophy with others—the “art” of retail is what makes your store unique. The science remains the same in all stores regardless of what is being sold. So, her focus is bringing the science to the table and wrapping your special “art” around it in order to generate more success and profits.