Technology and Engagement - Day Two

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Twelve Common Mistakes in Selecting Donor Databases (And How to Avoid Them)

Listen to Independent Consultant, Robert L. Weiner on best practices with selecting a donor database. Overbuying, under-budgeting, letting the wrong people choose the database, falling in love with the salesperson... This workshop will identify and help you avoid common (and often expensive) mistakes when selecting a new database. The topics include:
  • Who should make the decision?
  • What should you budget for?
  • Assessing your needs.
  • How to decide.

Amp Up Your Social Media Presence

Leonie Mowat, Communications and Media Director with the Southern Nevada Conservancy and Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association will explain how social media helps increase engagement for your visitors and will then teach you how to build and grow your organization's social media presence, and how to include it in your daily operations.

Mobile Strategies: Engagement-On-The-Go

Amanda Keith, Member Communications Manager with the Public Lands Alliance presents three methods to make your online presence more mobile friendly and how your organization, no matter your size, can optimize your website for mobile users without breaking your budget.