Round it Up for Revenue Up!

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Engaging store customers to support public lands by inviting them to round up or add a dollar to their purchase is a quick and easy way to develop additional income for your organization or public land.

Listen to this recording to learn why the time is NOW to implement this program in your stores. You'll learn about point-of-sale and accounting requirements for acknowledging, segregating and reporting the donations; learn about the training of sales staff to incorporate rounding up in their customer service; and hear from the presenters about agreement mechanisms that may (or may not) exist. A can’t miss for nonprofit retail partners!


  • Laurel Rematore, Executive Director, Great Smoky Mountains Association

  • Lisa Duff, Marketing and Membership Director, Great Smoky Mountains Association

Note for organizations that partner with National Park Service sites: NPS must grant specific permission for nonprofit partners to conduct a round-up at their registers in support of NPS-managed sites; an earlier version of this webinar incorrectly indicated some existing agreements included permission. Reference Manual 21 guidance and a template agreement are being developed. PLA has no estimated release date for this material. Interested organizations are encouraged to consult with their local NPS liaison for updates on that process.