Ready to Grow?: Hiring Your First Paid Staffer

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Serving on the board of an all-volunteer organization? Have you wondered what it would take to hire that first staff person? Not all organizations develop the same way – sometimes the first hire is an executive director, but other times it is a part-time store manager, a volunteer coordinator, a marketing intern, or something else. Sometimes our agency partners ask us to hire people to assist them with their many duties. But what are the relevant laws and regulations? What is the difference between an employee and an independent contractor? What is the board’s responsibility as an employer?

Join us to learn the ins and outs of hiring staff. We will talk about building sufficient cash reserves, developing position descriptions and other HR policies, and preparing the board for change. If the volunteer board members at your organization are starting to get stretched too thin… don’t miss this webinar!


  • Joann van Aken, Executive Director, International Wildlife Refuge Alliance

  • Cathy Allen, Vice President, Friends of the Carr Refuge (also known as “The Board Doctor”)