Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Part 5: Mastery of Vision

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Did you ever wonder why some really intelligent, educated people with great experience seem clueless when it comes to relating to and leading people successfully? The short answer is that there’s more than one kind of intelligence. Successfully relating to others, and becoming a great leader centers on the type of intelligence that deals with emotions.

The easiest way to understand the term Emotional Intelligence (EI) is to look at it as the “intangibles” that predict success in the workplace. The great news about EI is that it can be broken down into a set of concrete skills that can be learned.

So, what exactly do the gifts of emotional intelligence comprise?

Part 5: Mastery of Vision

It is because of mastery of vision that we know who we are and what we are compelled to do with our lives. When our actions and words are consistent with this personal philosophy, it is our sense of authenticity. When inconsistent, it is our sense of stress and discomfort.

Presenter: Margie Coltharp, Senior Organizational Development Architect, Blueprint Creation