We offer unique training and assessments for public land nonprofits and land management agencies. 


We help public land nonprofits develop a shared vision with their land management agency partners which provides the road map they need to think and plan in-tandem.


Through a confidential process jointly requested by the nonprofit and its partner(s), we assess how well the partnership is achieving its goals in areas such as nonprofit management, budget and finance, fundraising, and we provide recommendations for steps to move forward.


Through content delivery, review of best practices, and assessing current board practices and bylaws, we provide guidance to improve organizational governance that strengthens strategic initiatives.


We facilitate a detailed analysis of sales and recommend processes and best practices that streamline operations, increase the bottom line, and improve the visitor experience.

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By working with both the nonprofit and land management agency, we provide informed and impartial reviews of the partnership, with recommendations and next steps.

We lead this assessment with guidance from the Effective Partnerships guide which details the tenets necessary to a healthy and thriving partnership.

How We Work

The Public Lands Alliance facilitates high-quality planning and training that helps public land nonprofits and land management agencies follow partnership best practices. With each assessment, customized training, and educational session, we provide recommendations that encourage partners to work toward a common vision and that respects the value each party brings to the partnership. Sessions and trainings are taught by our staff, our members, and experienced contractors who are selected for their skills, training expertise, and proficiency in the subject matter.