Navigating the Current Supply Chain Issues

Navigating the Current Supply Chain Issues

Time: Monday, 4:45 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Regency E/F (2nd Floor)

Presented by:

Kristina Newsom, Owner, Second Generation, Specialties Plus of NC, LLC

Caroline Ward, Chief Relationship Officer, Wildlife Artists, Inc.

Frank Hintz, President, American Backcountry

It seems that supply line disruptions, delays and related issues are currently the bane of most public lands retail operations. Accompanying the actual concerns are the uncertainties, the unknowns – have those issues peaked? How long can we expect them to last? How have you adapted in the current climate and how do you maneuver to survive and thrive? Join us as we dig for a deeper understanding of the supply chain issues, with our eyes on more accurate planning in order to maximize revenue and profits.