Financial Leaders Roundtable

Financial Leaders Roundtable

Time: Wednesday, 9:45 am - 10:45 am

Location: Regency D (2nd Floor)

Presented by:

Morris Peacock, Partner, HintonBurdick CPAs and Advisors

Tad Tuttle, Partner, HintonBurdick CPAs and Advisors

Claudia Schechter, Retired Strategic Financial Consultant

During this roundtable, CEOs, financial staff and board members, are invited to discuss the most salient financial topics that bridge the gap between programs and money. We start with a logic model for finance that helps us answer questions about organizational accountability and sustainability along with our crucial agency partnerships. We tackle these topics at tables of our peers — by budget size and organizational purpose. Agency partners — come understand how your partners build a financially responsible and sustainable partner for your site.