Katmai Conservancy Meets Otis Fund Goal to Support Katmai National Park

By Katie Cavanaugh-Smith posted 10-19-2023 04:25 PM


Katmai Conservancy’s annual online fundraiser, The Otis Fund, ran October 4th through October 10th during the popular Fat Bear Week. This year's campaign was a resounding success, raising over $300,000! The contributions are matched by and will be used to make a tangible impact on the preservation, education, and enrichment of Katmai National Park and Preserve.

Donations to the Otis Fund allow Katmai Conservancy to support education and interpretation, both within and outside of Katmai National Park and Preserve. The Otis Fund also provides funding for important research on Katmai’s brown bears and extensive human history. Other initiatives include promoting youth engagement in the local and online communities, ensuring the environmental sustainability of the fragile ecosystems of Katmai, and the necessary improvement of Park infrastructure.

Each of these projects seeks to improve the quality of the visitor experience as well as preserve the dynamic, unique landscape that includes Katmai and its surrounding communities.

The Public Lands Alliance is immensely proud of our member, Katmai Conservancy, and their incredible accomplishments through the Otis Fund campaign. The generous contributions made have made it possible for Katmai Conservancy to continue their essential work in supporting education, interpretation, research, youth engagement, ecosystem sustainability, and park infrastructure improvement within Katmai National Park.