Embracing Creativity and Stargazing: Grand Canyon Conservancy's Artist and Astronomer-in-Residence Programs

By Katie Cavanaugh-Smith posted 05-30-2023 12:39 PM


The Grand Canyon, with its awe-inspiring landscapes and celestial wonders, has captivated countless individuals for generations. Recognizing the power of art and science in conveying the beauty and significance of this natural wonder, the Grand Canyon Conservancy (GCC) is now accepting applications until July 31st, 2023 for two exceptional residency programs—the Artist in Residence and Astronomer-in-Residence programs. These initiatives not only foster creativity and exploration but also contribute to the preservation and appreciation of the Grand Canyon's rich cultural and natural heritage. 

Grand Canyon Conservancy's Artist in Residence Program

The Artist in Residence program, an integral part of the GCC's commitment to expanding equity and inclusion, invites contemporary solo artists to immerse themselves in the splendor of the Grand Canyon and contribute to its cultural legacy. Through storytelling and artistic expression, these artists play a vital role in connecting the public with the park, ultimately fostering a deeper appreciation for its wonders.

Selected artists will live and work at the Grand Canyon's South Rim for up to eight weeks. Along with free private accommodations and workspace, a modest stipend is provided to assist with travel, food, and supply costs. These artists gain exclusive access to the park's natural beauty, interacting with park leadership, expert staff, on-site resources, and archives. In return, they share their artistic insights with the public through a minimum of two engaging public programs, fostering connections between the local and global Grand Canyon community.

Grand Canyon Conservancy's Astronomer-in-Residence Program

With its pristine skies and remarkable celestial views, the Grand Canyon is an ideal location for exploring the wonders of the night sky. The GCC's Astronomer-in-Residence program welcomes astronomers, dark-sky advocates, educators, and other night sky practitioners to connect with the public and share their expertise and passion for the starry expanse.

The program encourages applications from professionals, amateurs, scientists from various disciplines, and Indigenous storytellers who focus on the night sky. It particularly emphasizes inclusivity by prioritizing applicants from marginalized communities across the United States and beyond, fostering a diverse range of perspectives and narratives.

Selected astronomers enjoy a six-week residency at the Grand Canyon's South Rim, residing in a private one-bedroom apartment above the historic Verkamp's Visitor Center, providing an inspiring backdrop of the canyon itself. Similar to the Artist in Residence program, astronomers receive free live/workspace and a modest stipend to support their travel, food, and supplies. They have unparalleled access to the park's natural beauty, park leadership, expert staff, on-site resources, and an international audience of visitors.


Learn More and Apply

The Grand Canyon Conservancy's Artist and Astronomer-in-Residence programs embody the organization's dedication to preserving and cherishing the natural and cultural wonders of the Grand Canyon. These initiatives offer unparalleled opportunities for contemporary artists and astronomers to connect with the park's beauty, history, and global community. 

To learn more and apply, visit  GCC’s Artist in Residence and Astronomer in Residence program pages.

Photo credit:  NPS/M.Quinn