Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Part 4: Personal Influence

When:  Dec 16, 2021 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

Presenter: Margie Coltharp, Senior Organizational Development Architect, Blueprint Creation

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Did you ever wonder why some really intelligent, educated people with great experience seem clueless when it comes to relating to and leading people successfully? The short answer is that there’s more than one kind of intelligence. Successfully relating to others, and becoming a great leader centers on the type of intelligence that deals with emotions.

The easiest way to understand the term Emotional Intelligence (EI) is to look at it as the “intangibles” that predict success in the workplace. The great news about EI is that it can be broken down into a set of concrete skills that can be learned.

So, what exactly do the gifts of emotional intelligence comprise?

  • Self-awareness and Control (September 30, 2021 webinar)

  • Empathy (October 28, 2021 webinar)

  • Social Expertness (November 18, 2021 webinar)

  • Personal Influence (December 16, 2021 webinar)

  • Mastery of Vision (January 20, 2022 webinar)

Knowing and practicing EI benefits people at any level in the organization, as well as outside of the organization. This five-part series will delve into each of the components that make up EI. Each of the five parts will cover one component of EI. Each part builds upon the other.

This course is highly recommended for all staff and board members as EI skills can help your entire nonprofit team be more successful in working together, engaging the public, collaborating with partners and cultivating donors.

Part 4: Personal Influence

Personal influence is the ability to confront issues that are important or debilitating to relationships, goals, missions, or visions. Personal influence is also exhibiting motivation for one’s visions, missions, core values, and beliefs.


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