Friends of Acadia Makes Inclusive Carriage Ride Adventures Possible

By Katie Cavanaugh-Smith posted 22 days ago


Friends of Acadia's commitment to accessibility is transforming the experience of visitors to Acadia National Park. Thanks to a recent generous donation from the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, Acadia's natural beauty is now more accessible than ever for those who use wheelchairs.

A Legacy of Accessibility 

Friends of Acadia has long been dedicated to enhancing accessibility in the park. In 1998, a passionate donor funded the acquisition of two wheelchair-accessible carriages, making it possible for individuals with mobility challenges to explore the historic carriage roads of Acadia. This commitment continues today, with the recent addition of a new, lighter, and more versatile carriage that accommodates both wheelchair users and their companions.

Experiencing the Carriage Roads

Acadia National Park stewards approximately 45 miles of these historic carriage roads, offering visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the park's natural splendor. The new wheelchair-accessible carriage has already received positive feedback from a pilot ride conducted with a local family. The experience allowed them to explore areas of the park they had never visited before, highlighting the carriage's ability to create new and meaningful experiences for visitors. Friends of Acadia's Vice President of Development, Lisa Horsch Clark, shared, "They all went out together with the driver and it got them to places where they had never been. So, I am sure it’s going to be a success this year."

As the 2024 season approaches, Acadia by Carriage is ready to welcome reservations. For the upcoming year, wheelchair users can enjoy rides free of charge, and their guests will receive a discount, making these experiences more accessible to all.

Join for a Ride

Friends of Acadia is pleased to welcome people of all abilities to enjoy a carriage ride in Acadia National Park. The new wheelchair-accessible carriage, funded by the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, comfortably accommodates one passenger in a wheelchair and two to three additional passengers, with a floor space of 33″ x 56″. 

The work of Friends of Acadia exemplifies the power of community and philanthropy in creating inclusive experiences for all visitors. We are inspired by their dedication and proud to support their efforts in making Acadia National Park accessible to everyone!

More information can be found here.